Glory Backman’s ministry is supported by Global Power Evangelism. The purpose of GPE is to spread the full gospel globally.

  • The full gospel means signs and wonders follow the Word that is preached. GPE has operated for over two decades.


Global Power Evangelism was founded in 1994, and its mission is to take the full gospel into all the world. The full gospel means that people get healed from sicknesses, delivered from demonic powers, and receive the life-changing power of God into their lives.

GPE realizes is mission by organizing seminars, conferences and missions trips both in Finland and abroad.

We also broadcast Gloryline TV-shows on Christian TV channels, and send a monthly newsletter to our partners.

We visit prisons, schools, hospitals and offer counselling and prayer via phone and email.


We hold live webinars on Sundays from 7-8pm via YouTube in which we go through pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s teachings (International School of Ministry), edifying and encouraging people to a more intimate knowledge of God and supernatural life with Christ.

We visit churches and prayer circles declaring the Word of the Lord, and the Lord confirms His word with signs and wonders.