International School of Ministry, Webinars

Join us!

Every Sunday at 19-20:00 we have a webinar, International School of Ministry, in which we teach and guide you on a concrete level about the working of the Holy Spirit and his influence. The cost of the webinars is 20e/6months.The payments consists of webinars form August to December every Sunday except Dec 23rd and 30th.

A new set of webinars start January 6th and go on until the end of June.

If you’d like to join our webinars, please contact us by emailing and send us your contact info (name, email and phone number).

The payment can be paid directly to our bank account at Global Power Evangelism ry

FI91 5280 0020 0249 72.

You can share this information about our webinars with your friends as well, by sending them our email address.

once we receive your contact info, we’ll send you additional information about the webinars.

Blessings, Glory Backman
ISM-Group Finland